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We are a law firm with a global network.

We are strategically based in Washington DC to help our clients wherever they are.

Our practice covers almost every aspect of the United Arab Emirates law with a special focus on international and cross boarders’ commercial transactions and disputes.

We have a wealth of experience in international commercial transactions, international arbitration (both ad-hoc and institutional) and enforcement of international arbitral awards.

Our experience is well extended to advising clients on investment in venture capitals in different investment areas from artificial intelligence to healthcare and other industries. 

We are affiliated with a large number of highly reputed law firms around the world (our “Country Partners”). Our international network of Country Partners gives our clients access to most of the world's major jurisdictions; where our Country Partners have connections and skills needed for the best and most favorable results for our clients in those jurisdictions.

Our Country Partners have deep knowledge and experience with their local legal systems, economic environment and commercial practices and culture and we work with them as one firm to make those different legal systems, economic environment and commercial practices and culture simply explained to our clients so that to help them make best informative decisions and achieve their goals.

You can safely rely on us no matter what jurisdiction your matter or dispute is related or connected to.

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