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Tarek – Senior Partner

Tarek is a dual registered legal consultant both in DC and Dubai and equipped with a wealth of experience in a broad range of international commercial transactions and dispute resolution.

Tarek is highly recognized by his peers and clients. He led his firm to winning Dubai Award for Best Consulting Business, Young Business Leaders, 2010 and Pioneer Entrepreneurship Award by the Pioneer Entrepreneur Magazine 2010.

Tarek led the task force committee of international leading arbitrators and arbitration practitioners on drafting the arbitration rules of the Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Center (TAHKEEM) of 2017. 

Tarek is an experienced aggressive negotiator with a personalized attention to details and understands when and how a lenient approach may be more effective and straightforward to getting a deal closed, a dispute resolved or a settlement achieved. He advises and represents high profile clients, including NGOs and UAE government branches, on sophisticated international commercial and corporate matters and disputes.

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